The “SelfPost Postcards” application is an excellent example showing that even the most smart and advanced gadgets can't fully replace the real-world things. Memories that you can touch with your hand! This is the slogan that exactly conveys the idea of this application.


This application is unique, because it allows you to print and post a card from the post office that is currently nearest to you. This means that the postcard will make the same journey that you made. Moreover, the application makes the whole routine a fascinating process. You can collect postages and post stamps of the visited countries, and you even do not need to spend you time searching for the nearest post office, or waiting in queues. Just three simple steps and the card is posted!

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Andrey Kamenchuk

project manager

A number of services, allowing to print a card and post it to an addressee, are currently present in world market. But, unfortunately, all of them are emotionless – all you get is just your photo printed, and nothing else. The SelfPost application does more. It features several work scenarios. If you want, the application automatically figures out your current location and posts your card from the post office that is currently nearest to you. This is one of the possible scenarios, but not the only one. You can also assemble your own collection of postal stamps, or surprise your friends with postcards from remote parts of our planet without even leaving your house. Excellent idea!


We tried to cover as large audience as possible. Not only have we developed this application for the most widespread platforms, iOS and Android, but we have also adapted it for tablets.

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Sergey Topal


I believe that nowadays no IT project can live without a web site. Although the customer of the project did not set us special requirements, we couldn't help using all the advantages of client-server architecture of the application and added user's account to web site. It allows you to view and edit your postcards conveniently when you have a desktop at hand. Besides, it is very nice, when you can rely on the same studio when it comes to software design regardless of whether it is client application, server-side, or web-site development.


In order to organise payment collection when a payment can originate from anywhere in the world is not a trivial task. As a rule, each payment system has its features when it comes to interaction with the bank system of a certain country. A bit of our resourcefulness enabled us to consider the idea of integrating the application with several payment systems. Our experience in this field allowed us to use existing practices and still stay within the project budget.


We believe that SelfPost is just starting its way into the world of successful IT projects. We'll do our best to make sure that ITL Group and TopDog make this way together.

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